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Blue Beret into 2000


Observations & Hope

SSgt Chris Yaroch & Lt Col Ted Lohr

This year proved to be a very interesting year for us.  It has been 10 years since we left "happy valley".  When we rolled into the compound, we both had them stupid grins on our faces... we're finally home!  Some of them old feelings came back.  A lot has changed.  Some for the better, some for the... well, not so better. 

We had gone to NBB with one objective in mind.  Objectively evaluate the present program and make recommendations for any improvements.  We were rather surprised to have gained a "victory" in our tenure as staff at NBB '99.  We successfully reinstated our heritage and traditions into the new beret corps.  The reestablishing of our roots was firmly planted with the tremendous assistance of our founder, BGen. William B. Cass (Hoo-yah and thank you, General!). 

At present, the program has some room for improvement. The good news is, we can overcome this. We need everyone's help to bring this program back to what an integral and honorable program this used to be. We are looking for a compromise between the old program that was prestigious and tough & the new kindlier, gentler program. We did see a glimmer of hope. The future looks promising and we will be able to take blue beret well into 2000 & beyond. This part of the blue beret website is dedicated to the new breed.  The present and future blue berets of Civil Air Patrol. Together, we can do this!  Hoo-yah!


After Thoughts

We have heard (many, many, many times) that the cadet corps. felt they have not "earned" their berets.  We cannot comment on the years between 1990 and 1998 simply because we were not there. However, you berets did earn them this year. May be not in a fashion you had wanted to, but you definitely earned them. We worked long, arduous hours with little or no free time. We worked through oppressive heat (120 heat index) and a very unappreciative public. We worked through torrid rain storms and choking dust. And people feel they didn't earn them because they didn't do 100's of push-ups and get screamed at and harangued? No, everyone earned the beret. Hoo-yah, troops!


"The Mission Comes First!"



Morning PT at beret base
With Old Glory waving in the wind.



C/Maj Davenport, guardian of our mascot, 1Lt Bear.
1Lt Bear is our equivalent to the USAF Pararescue's "Charlie the PJ".     


Col Tim Hansen, NBB '99 Commander, presents the candidates with their
blue berets as SSgt Chris Yaroch, CAP looks on.


C/Maj Willis, Maj Lohr, C/Lt Col Harmon and SSgt Yaroch, CAP
at the beret presentation ceremony. "Manly men!"



Our new blue beret candidates form their berets for the first time.


SSgt Yaroch is asked to assist in the
forming of this
candidates beret.

Welcome to the family...Troop!!!
(Candidate is Chris Mace)


A blue beret candidate practicing a time honored tradition
... praying at "The Rock"
for serenity, courage, strength and wisdom.  Hoo-yah!



Flightline training at the end of Papa -1 Taxiway,

Using CAP's own special "gator" aircraft...

Maj Lohr calls the tower for clearance.


"T R O U B L E" & Her Flight on ES Duty
"Shhhhh be very, very quiet.... We're hunting ELT's"


C\TSgt Rocquin (Rock) & Delta Flight "The Dirty Dozen"


Trust Me, I do this for a living.


15 days, 11,000 planes, 400,000 people, 350 blisters... and 4 hours of sleep!
I Love this Job!



Ardy & Ed's Drive-in, Oshkosh, WI.
This was the favorite hang-out for the blue beret staff.


A common and heartwarming sight... morning formation. "Swordfish!"


(L) Major Ted E. Lohr
(R) BGen William B. Cass
BGen Cass is the founder of the blue berets


The Major - 1999


Chow call - 1999


Ops tower - 1999


Capt Dickinson & his flight - 1999


SSgt Yaroch assists a Cadet with his beret,
as Maj Lohr looks on - 1999


The boys - 1999


NBB99-a.jpg (41231 bytes)NBB99-d.jpg (28675 bytes)

Just another day in paradise


NBB99-e.jpg (51471 bytes)

The bunk house "Home"


NBB99-c.jpg (56740 bytes)NBB99-b.jpg (58756 bytes)

Graduation banquette


NBB99-f.jpg (28098 bytes)

Lt Bear

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Lt Col Ted Lohr

SSgt Chris Yaroch


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