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I have a suggestion for the beret web site.  With NHQ finally posting the approved wording from the Aug 06 National Board meeting.  With most unit and wing commanders never attending NBB, they do not know what is appropriate to be worn.

I think it would be a great service to the membership to describe the appropriate wear, care, device placement, etc.  After all, why not get it directly from the source, huh?

David Jadwin
NV Wing


Beret Wear: 

All personnel who have successfully graduated from blue beret (NCR-SSC & CAP-SSC) and National Blue Beret (NBB) are authorized the wear of the military navy blue beret. 

The beret may only be worn with the military style (woodland) or Navy Blue BDU uniform.

The beret may be worn with this uniform combination at any time.

Wear of the beret with the dress blues uniform shall only be at the National Blue Beret activity.

Wear of the beret will conform to standard military policy.  The beret will be worn with the leather sweatband parallel to the eyebrows and the droop of the headgear shall be worn over the wearer's right ear.

The only authorized crest, the St. Alban's Cross shall be worn on the beret stiffener, centered over the left eye.  The knot on the rear of the beret shall be trimmed or tucked inside the headgear to present a professional image.

All cadets and officers (Senior Members) shall wear the authorized crest, the St. Alban's Cross on their beret. 

If any personnel are authorized the wear of a beret flash, the flash will be worn in the manner prescribed previously with the St. Alban's Cross centered in the middle of the flash.


Recommendations for shaping of the beret:  It is recommended that the beret is thoroughly soaked in cold water, where upon the wearer places the beret on his head and shapes the beret to the desired configuration.

Allow the beret to stay on the wearer's head for 30 minutes before removing (or wear until dry).  This will ensure the shape of the formed beret.  Place on a flat, dry surface and allow to dry for 24 hours.  To aid in forming the beret. it is advised the liner is cut out using scissors.  Once the beret is formed, it will retain that shape for the duration of that headgear.

If the beret needs cleaning, wash the beret in cold water with a cleaning solution such as Woolite.

Senior Staff Beret Flash Original Senior Staff Beret Flash-Old

Blue Beret Senior Staff Flashes

(L) 1985-1989 --- (R) Prior to '85-Original

Beret II-Senior Beret Flash Beret II-Cadet Beret Flash

Blue Beret II Flashes

(L) Senior --- (R) Cadet

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