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people do not join us because we are different, but because they are.



In the winter of 1966-67, Iowa Wing Commander Col Allen Towne requested that an intensive training program be set up within the wing to train senior and cadet members in ground search and rescue techniques and wilderness survival. under the command of Iowa Wing Deputy Commander Lt Col William B. Cass [later to be Iowa Wing Commander and then CAP's National Commander] The program was started in the spring of 1967.

Over three decades, this idea bloomed, took life and grew. The idea was the core of the Civil Air Patrol Special Service Corps. Most people know this group by its popular name, the Blue Berets.

The program has seen many changes. The changes seen were a program that went from teaching search and rescue to working a 20,000 aircraft flightline at the country's largest Airshow. It was also a program that started at a wing level and progressed to a national special activity. Unfortunately, to the dismay of beret alumni, the program met an untimely demise after the 1989 encampment. This was mainly due to politics and a perpetual bad rap the program received. The accusations ranged from the "junior-rambo" syndrome experienced by squadron commanders of returning cadets to hazing and other bizarre things some people were doing. Most of this was generated by a few bad apples in the program and ne'er-do-well folks who just plain were jealous of us those who despised us.

The program carried on in 1990 as the EAA-Oshkosh Activity, an Airshow activity, but it fell flat on it's face due to lack of participation [cadets and seniors wanted blue beret back and so did the EAA]. About 1996, the blue beret activity was reinstated to bring the attendance numbers back up so CAP could adequately support the EAA. [not so] Surprisingly, the activity took off in popularity. Presently blue beret and the Pennsylvania Wing Ranger School at Hawk Mountain are the only two specialized ranger-type schools left in Civil Air Patrol. This is a sharp contrast from 1986 when there were over 20+ CAP-wide.

This web site was designed by concerned berets to educate people about the heritage in blue beret, instill the pride we all feel for the program and the present and future Berets, aid in bettering the activity, and carrying blue beret into the 21st century.


About the Program

Blue beret is CAP national special activity held for two weeks in July-August at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in support of the Experimental Aircraft Association [EAA] fly-In. During the event, Wittman Field is the busiest airport in the world.


(Prior to 1989) cadets and senior members were trained in a wide range of emergency service subjects including: flight line techniques, aircraft safety and familiarization, ELT-direction finding, ground team techniques, first aid, CPR, personal and team safety, basic fire fighting, crowd control, communications, command & control, personal and team survival, & scene security. along with drill & ceremonies, PT, team work  building, PR, organization, scheduling, and KP.


The person makes the beret...The beret does not make the person.

The beret is a piece of felt and the St. Alban's Cross a piece of metal. But that is what personifies the esprit de corps and personal confidence a "beret" feels in their heart.


We have St. Alban's Cross pins available.

Thanks to Jason DeMark (IL Wing) for doing the foot work on this project.

These are reproductions of the originals

 $7.00 each including shipping

Please do not refer to these as "cadre pins."
They are the blue beret crest.
If you earn the beret, you earn the St. Alban's Cross.

To order a St. Alban's Cross pin, send a check to:

Ted Lohr
9103 N Humbert Rd
Brighton, IL 62012

Due to 1 person screwing it up,
I will no longer accept PayPal.



The NBB Patch

The Old                                                                    The New


National Blue Beret 2011

Check http://ncsas.com for details

For more information, contact the National Blue Beret Project Officer.

Date: July 19, 2011, 12:00 PM - August 1, 2011, 12:00 PM

Cost: $300.00

Have you ever been to an air show? Picture an air show where hundreds of thousands of people come to see the many wonders of aviation. In real life, that picture is the Experimental Aircraft Associationís (EAA) annual fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Participants at National Blue Beret (NBB) have the chance to work at one of the largest and most prestigious air shows in the world.

CAP and EAA will provide training for you to help support the air show. Each participant will work in several areas including the flight line and exhibits. Training will include techniques of aircraft marshaling and electronic direction finding. Cadets will be encouraged to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime events that often occur during the air show.

Must be 16 years old by Day 1

Also required:

  • Completion of Aircraft Ground Handling Video and Test
  • Completion of ORM Basic Test
  • Completion of ORM Intermediate Test
  • Completion of Basic Communications Users Test
  • Complete the ICS 100 and ICS 700 courses
  • CAPF 101 for General ES (GES)
  • CAP Form 101 for Ground Team Member (or supervised trainee)
  • CAP Form 76, and a current standard first aid card are highly desirable.


Lt Col James Peace, Activity Director
Maj Jeffrey Morris, Assistant Activity Director

Mailing Address

PO Box 3436
Oshkosh , WI 54903

Physical Address
(UPS and FedEx type deliveries only.)

National Blue Beret
Civil Air Patrol
2747 Knapp St Road
Oshkosh , WI 54901


Phone: 1-920-235-9245     Fax: 1-920-235-9284


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1LT Lohr 1989

Maj Lohr 2005

I attended Blue Beret in 1985 & was on Staff in '86, '87, '88, & '89 & '99


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